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Tips: B310as-938 Unlock and Full instructions

The Centerborn

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Mar 26, 2019
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Primary things to do

1. You should know how to solder
2. Get a working USB
3. Check the USB.jpg and solder the corresponding colors to the solder points
4. Install Necessary drivers and all

Next Step

1. Plug the USB cable with soldered points on the logical board
2. Plug the power cable on the back of your router
3. Put a small wire (tweezers or any conductive material on 2 test points given on USB.jpg) on Jumper test points.
4. Keep the 2 test points shorted with the said material and plug the adapter to the wall outlet.
5. Assuming that all drivers are installed, open the USB Mode folder and select USB Mode.cmd
6. Wait for the device to lit the power light
7. Check if the device has been detected (Device manager)
8. Run Unlock FW.exe and wait for it to finish
9. Plug an ethernet cable and open Unlocker folder and click Unlocker.cmd (Select your appropriate IP. Most likely number 1). If the device doesnt seem to restart just type in the command "reboot"
10. Once done, repeat step "3, 4, and 5" or jumper mode and USB mode. You can keep the ethernet plugged or unplug
11. Once device has been detected again (Device manager). Time to flash the "Firmware.exe" and wait until it finish
12. Plug in the ethernet if you have unplugged it previously and try to log in to the GUI
13. Check your "Device information" if you have a valid IMEI. If values are all 15 "0", Open IMEI Changer and run IMEI Changer.exe
14. Follow the prompts and type in your Original IMEI and apply it. Wait for it to reboot and you are done



I am not held liable for any damaged device during or while performing the steps give in the instructions nor i take credits to the files included in this package.